5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies with the help of Digital Marketing

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service”. Always start your lead generation strategy by keeping in mind Brian Tracy’s words.  

Nowadays, the main place where leads “live” is the Internet. So, in order to find the best Digital Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation, you should start the process by finding out where exactly your target audience “lives on the web”. Then choose the strategy and work on generating quality leads which are the backbone of a good B2B marketing strategy. Remember! A lead is not a random potential client, he/she is just a step away from your desired action. So, all you need is to grab the attention and provide value by proving that you solve the problem they have.

Ready to dig into the digital world to find out your clients? Then let’s have a look at the 5 best working Lead Generation Strategies done with the help of Digital Marketing tools and let’s put our finger on the pulse of digital to always derive the greatest results. 

1. Content Marketing

No matter where your target audience is located on the Internet and what general Lead Generation strategy you are going to pursue, you will always be in need of quality content and Content Marketing. The content type will differ depending on where you are going to use it on social media pages, on your website or elsewhere. There are multiple options to try, for instance, eNewsletters, infographics, articles, blogs, case studies, videos, online presentations, research reports, etc. However, there are some key criteria that always need to be maintained like relevant topic ideas and tone of voice which strongly depend on your target audience’s needs and preferences. 

Besides investigating and auditing your target audience from which are going to be generated the potential leads, there is always a space to experiment and try different tactics. Remember! A good Content Marketing Strategy requires a little diversity and experimentation to discover where the best growth opportunities are hidden. 

Trendy Note: In 2020, videos will remain as a trendy content type and one of the main channels that B2B buyers will look for product or service discoveries, learnings, and reviews. This is not only the most engaging and effective content type but also can be generated for all stages of the sales funnel. Thus, B2B businesses have to think of creating webinars, how-to, and explainer videos for their potential leads. 

2. Social Media Marketing

Content is fire, but Social Media is the gasoline! 

Social Media is one of the main levers that gives businesses a platform where they are free to engage with potential customers. It allows us to refine the Lead Generation process by providing us with more targeted approaches. The ads placed on any of Social Media platforms are highly targeted owing to the filters and detailed targeting opportunities like location, demographics, interests, and even jobs and workplaces. Additionally, some Social Media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn suggest a special Lead Generation campaign goal that allows us to gather the desired data from your target audience and later use it for the purpose of direct sales. Besides all these, did you know that 55% of B2B buyers refer to Social Media when researching? Thus, keep up growing your business’ Social Media accounts since it is one of the most effective tools for Lead Generation, especially nowadays when most people have at least one Social Media platform account. 

Trendy Note: LinkedIn has become one of the go-to Social Media platforms in 2020 too. Due to its filtering options as well as the Sales Navigator tool it turned out to be a fast-emerging network for generating and acquiring B2B leads. So, try to have more attention on your LinkedIn marketing as the biggest B2B Social Media trends are expected to happen here.

3. SEO and Authority Building 

A company's website and SEO strategy have a strong correlation with Lead Generation as they form trust among potential clients. First of all, statistics show that 38% of users avoid businesses with unappealing websites. Thus, the UI/UX design has to be taken very seriously. Secondly, in order to make an already aesthetic website work well, you should do a very profound research to know what tone of voice to use as well as what content type and topics your clients would enjoy the most. By learning your target group’s needs, provide them with high-quality content in the form of, for example, blog posts, articles, and video tutorials. This will help you with SEO so that more potential leads will find your website through search engines. Remember! To win the SEO game, deep research, and a strong content marketing strategy are needed to provide the exact value to your target audience. Additionally, work on referrals, so that trusted websites send their existing clients to your way with the help of backlinks. Here are some examples to consider in this stage:

  • Write blogs for trusted websites

  • Ask trusted websites to share your content

  • Get on trusted website's resource pages

  • Provide infographics and other valuable content types, so other businesses would like to share it by their own 

Trendy Note: In 2020, blogs continue to maintain their importance as a contributing factor to SEO. Recent statistics show that companies with live blogs get up to 70% more leads than those without. Similarly, with video content, blogs also feed into every stage of the sales funnel, by taking up the website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). 

4. PPC 

Content Marketing, SMM, and moreover SEO require time, whereas, PPC is the easiest way to get results quickly. PPC is an effective method of Lead Generation if you know your exact target audience. Meanwhile, it can also be quite expensive depending on your business industry. Here again, choose the visuals and texts according to that target audience’s preferences. 

When choosing this Lead Generation Strategy, always take into account that a lot of people are using ad blockers to not see the banners and other clickable ads and they automatically get out of your potential lead’s list.

Trendy Note: “We want what we can’t have, and it’s just the way we’re wired”: the fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful tactic in Digital Marketing, especially in PPC. Reports show that about 55% of all users and 70% of millennials experience FOMO. So, in 2020, try to use numerous methods such as time-limited offers, countdowns, or other similar techniques in order to originate urgency, stimulate conversion, and increase Lead Generation rate.

5. Cold Emails

The last but not least important strategy is Cold Emailing. Of course, this method is hard to start with since you have no prior relationship established with the company or person you want to reach out to. Thus, it is essential to make a good first impression in order to get better results. Here are some tricks to pay attention to acquire more leads from Cold Emails.

  • Get straight to the point and don’t spam people with definitions and terms: people tend to ignore this

  • Send 2-3 follow-up emails. Messages may get lost in inboxes, thus, sending reminder emails to raise your chance of being seen and responded to

  • Be creative! People receive tons of emails each and every day, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Try to engage people by including things such as animated GIFs or memes to catch the attention

  • Don’t be afraid to be funny! Sometimes humor can help to not only get attention but also build a bond.

Trendy Note: In 2020, the number of mobile phone users is predicted to continue increasing by reaching up to 7.26 billion. Mobile phones are always with us and help to save our time and do some work on the go. Moreover, researches show that more than 60% of emails are opened and read on mobile devices, and almost 80% of mobile users purchase online. This means that emails should be well-optimized, clean, and simple for smartphone users. Optimizing your email for mobiles will certainly increase your email click-through rate (CTR). 

Indeed, B2B Lead Generation is hard since you can’t just copy and paste a strategy that worked for someone else. It requires deep research, many experiences, hard work, and time to find your own way to pursue. If you’re not an expert in Digital Marketing and don’t know how to start and develop your B2B Lead Generation process just let us know: we are always here to support your performance in the digital world with very enhanced and integrated methods.

In the end, whichever method you are going to use, the key is to adapt your Lead Generation Strategy to your target audience by knowing how they interact with your business.