5 Trendy Fonts of 2021

2020 has been marked as one of the weirdest years in the history of humanity. This year has impacted the way people used to live. Due to the imposed quarantine and self-isolation, people got attached to their mobile devices even more. This means people started consuming content even more. The value of content has increased and this trend is going to continue in 2021 as well. We have brought 5 most trendy fonts for 2021. But let's first understand why it is so crucial to have consistent typography.


Why is it important to have a consistent typeface?


When your audience looks at any piece of content you have created for your brand, they should immediately feel the holistic approach to your brand identity and aesthetics of your branding. In fact, typography is consistent in your communication. If you want to have a consistent and well-established brand  you need to pay huge attention to typography for the following reasons:


  • Typography is a means of communication 


Website visitors can easily determine what type of content it serves by just looking at the fonts. The types of the font, the color arrangement, and any other details create a strong communication message between the audience and the brand.


  • Fonts catch attention 


The right font should be neither too small nor too big. It should also be as "clean" as possible. Just ask yourself how many times you have closed a webpage just because it seems too stuffed and messed out. 


  • Typography creates a certain mood


Content might be developed for different purposes: for advertisement, announcements, etc. Each type of content requires a specifically styled font. If the content should sound serious you better use professional and simple fonts.


  • Typography helps to categorize content


Fonts assist in creating information hierarchy by categorizing the text in accordance to its importance. You can use different styles and fonts sizes to highlight the crucial points in your content. It will help your audience to easily grab the focal/key points of your content.


  • Consistent typography speaks about professionalism 


The appropriate application of font style and size creates trust among your audience and conveys professionalism. Fonts speak where words can't. 


  • Fonts build recognition


Consistent typography helps to build long-lasting brand recognition. Fonts differentiate your style and your brand by adding your presence to any type of content.


Most Trendy Fonts of 2021


Hopefully, we managed to convince you why it is important to have a consistent font style for your brand publications. Now let's discover 5 of the most trendy fonts of 2021. 


  • Breton


Breton was released in March, 2019. It is a geometric styled font, inspired by Boston. It suits well for heading and branding design. The text written with Breton, conveys a strong personality and energetic rhythm. 


  • Jazmín


Jazmín was created in September, 2019. Jazmín is actually more playful and modern types of Globe Gothic. This font can be used in magazines, logos, branding and packaging design, advertising and short text passages.


  • Anguita Sans


Anguita Sans is a completely new approach to the well known sans serif family of fonts. It was released in October, 2020. This font is suitable for short texts and titles used not only in print but also in digital media.


  • Jeko


Jeko was introduced in September 2020. It is the “modernized” version of Aventa. In fact, Jeko is quite a bold typeface, as it is mainly made up of circles, medium cuts and sharp edges. The text written with this font will definitely acquire high visibility. 


  • Goldplay


Goldplay is the modified version of Isidora Sans. The modern features of Goldplay are round features that give it a "kind” and friendly appearance. This font can be used for logos, books, headlines and motion graphics. 


How to choose the right font for your brand?


The thing is consistent fonts are one of the predeterminants for your brand success. Fonts are one of the essential parts of your brand identity. The separate section of your brand style guide should showcase the fonts that should be used in the visuals. In fact, brand fonts should:


  • Be memorable


The font you choose to use as the main for your brand, should neither be common and not too stuffed. In fact, you can have more than one font for your brand, but all of them should have a uniting style and distinctiveness.


  • Easy readable 


Fonts that are too stuffed and complicated are always not readable. If your font is not readable your message will get ignored.


  • Showcase your brand personality


A strong brand needs to have a clearly distinctive brand personality. A distinctive brand personality will be the association your customers relate with and remember your brand for. For this, all the components of your brand identity such as color palette, logo, brand voice, and fonts should align to establish and communicate consistent brand identity. 

To choose the right font for your brand, you need to understand the personality traits of each font category. Font categories can be classical, modern and stylish, bold and confident, elegant and quirky, informal and artistic, etc. 

As you see, typography plays a major role in your brand recognition. A consistent style should not only be used for visuals, but it relates to fonts as well. The potential of your brand strategy lies in all of its details. Designing a modern and brand-spirited logo is undeniably important, but if you ignore typography your brand will suffer. So if you choose consistency as the main ingredient for success, then keep pouring it into every aspect of your branding.