7 basic rules on the way to business success

30 APR 2020

According to statistics, a person spends at least 6 hours a day online.

This is a good opportunity and a great chance to introduce them to your product and sell them, isn't it?

But how to get the attention of a user to achieve the desired result - to sell the product!


Successful visual + interesting and absorbing text: this is the secret.

Today we're going to talk about one of these topics and learn how to write selling texts together.


1. Identify your audience


At first glance, it seems an easy rule, but very few follow it!

Before proceeding to the case, you need to understand who you are writing for, who your buyer persona is: age, gender, interests, monthly income and many other aspects.


2. Choose tone-of-voice

Do you already know who your target audience is? So it's time to figure out how to write, what vocabulary, to use and which tone of voice to choose: official or friendly.


Remember: you should not write what you like, but what your audience will like.

It all depends on the audience and the characteristics of the business. For example, if you run a food blog, then the language should be as friendly and light as possible.


During the early period, you can use a split test. It gives you an opportunity to learn about your audience, test some versions of visuals, texts or ads, thus you can find out what kind of content your audience likes the most.


In this case you need to choose 2 or 3 styles for your texts: some time later it will be clear which kind of content your audience is more likely to be engaged with.

And that version will become the main language of your selling texts.


3. Highlight the benefits of your business / product


You are the one who knows best about business / product. Therefore, no one but you can represent its advantages better and more convincingly.

Compare, talk about all the positive effects that the consumer will have when purchasing your product.


Remember: everyone wants to have good and unique products.


4. Start your text with the WOW fact


If you were talking about that product, for example, with your mother, what would you talk about first? That's right- this is about what impressed you the most, or what you think is best. That's where you should begin! What impressed you will surely impress you and your audience.

After all, people often decide in the first sentence whether to continue reading the copy or not.


5. Have a business history


People love to read success stories.

Create a story about your business (or invent it). That way, your audience will have more confidence in you.


6. Tell stories, show people


Show movement, action, people. Show your team, tell them about their daily life and every one individually. Make your business ALIVE.


7. Learn from your competitors' mistakes


One of the most important points in business is the process of constantly tracking and studying your opponent. So try to understand what copies have contributed to their sales (or vice versa) and do some research.

Don't repeat the mistakes of your competitors have made in the past. Put your own handwriting on everything.


These rules seem simple, but if you are not an expert, there are always questions and difficulties when applying them.


In case you face some difficulties and realize you have reached no point in your sales, you'd better put this job in the hands of an expert or of a company specialized in the field. We are here for you to help.


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