Ginger & Rose

We don't go natural, we return natural cause nature and the soil is where we all begin - Ginger&Rose. Who says bouquets should only have 100+ roses to worth it and if so, where is the authenticity then? We found it at Giger & Rose , a new authentic flower shop at Yerevan, which brought a new concept and a confirmed style to the industry.

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The art of floral gifting has evolved significantly over time, undergoing a captivating transformation that echoes the changing aesthetics and preferences of our world. In this era, a shift towards embracing minimalistic, close-to-nature, and exceptionally distinctive bouquets has captured the imagination of both gift givers and recipients. The flower industry is witnessing a renaissance, where subtlety, authenticity, and uniqueness take center stage. This trend serves as the guiding inspiration behind the creation of the brand identity for Ginger&Rose – a brand that masterfully encapsulates the bold and extraordinary character of its floral offerings.

At the core of this brand identity lies a meticulous selection of typography, chosen to serve as a visual conduit between the timelessness of flower gifting and the contemporary sensibilities that define Ginger&Rose. This choice of typography represents a bridge between the cherished traditions of presenting flowers and the exceptional and distinct concept that defines the brand. Each typographic element has been thoughtfully refined, creating a bespoke visual language that radiates elegance and exclusivity, setting Ginger&Rose apart as a beacon of refinement and exceptional taste.

As an ode to the roots of nature and an affirmation of authenticity, the entire Ginger&Rose brand identity unfolds against the backdrop of rich, organic soil. This setting serves as a powerful metaphor, a visual embodiment of the brand's philosophy that is rooted in nature and firmly grounded in genuine emotions. The soil background, while seemingly unassuming, speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to delivering a genuine, close-to-nature experience that resonates deeply with recipients and gift givers alike.

In summation, Ginger&Rose isn't just a brand – it's a visual and emotional journey that celebrates the extraordinary in the everyday. Its brand identity is a harmonious symphony of classic and contemporary, opulence and subtlety, authenticity and innovation. Ginger&Rose invites us all to embrace a new era of floral expression, where each bouquet is a testament to the timeless beauty of nature and the boundless creativity of human ingenuity. Welcome to a world where every petal tells a story, and every arrangement is a work of art waiting to be discovered.