Ginger & Rose

At Ginger & Rose, we embrace a return to nature, recognizing that our roots lie in the earth and the natural world. Who says bouquets must include 100+ roses to be considered valuable, and if so, where is the authenticity? We discovered it at Giger & Rose, which brings a new viewpoint and a distinct style to the business while offering a true and one-of-a-kind floral experience right here in Yerevan.

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The art of flower giving has evolved significantly over time, undergoing fascinating transformations to reflect the changing aesthetics and preferences of our world. 

In this era, the move towards minimalist, close to nature, and highly distinctive bouquets has captured the imagination of gift givers and receivers alike. The floriculture industry is experiencing a renaissance, with sophistication, authenticity, and uniqueness at the forefront. This trend is the basis for the unique style of the Ginger&Rose brand, which masterfully embodies the bold and unusual nature of its floral offerings. 


The primary goal and foundation of this brand is the careful selection of typography, which is done on purpose to serve as an aesthetic connection between the timeless custom of flower gifting and the contemporary sensibilities that define Ginger&Rose. Each typographic element has been carefully refined, helping to create a distinctive visual language that communicates luxury and beauty. This attention to detail distinguishes Ginger&Rose as a leading example of refinement and exceptional taste in the field of floral artistry. 


As an ode to the roots of nature and an affirmation of authenticity, the entire Ginger&Rose brand identity unfolds against the backdrop of rich, organic soil. This environment acts as a potent metaphor, visually representing the brand's philosophy, which is deeply rooted in nature and firmly anchored in genuine emotions. The soil background, while seemingly unassuming, speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to delivering a genuine, close-to-nature experience that resonates deeply with recipients and gift givers alike. 

To sum up, Ginger&Rose is more than a flower shop it's an emotional and artistic journey that honors the remarkable in the ordinary. The brand identity embodies a well-balanced blend of traditional and modern, luxury and understatement, genuineness and creativity. With each bouquet serving as a tribute to the enduring beauty of the natural world and the limitless creative potential of human ingenuity, Ginger&Rose encourages everyone to embrace a new era in floral expression. Welcome to a world where each arrangement is a work of art just waiting to be found, and each petal tells a tale.