Ayana Cotton Textile

Ayana Cotton Textile

Ayana is a cotton textile family business, that provides high-quality bedding linen. Their fabrics are made of entirely 100% natural cotton. They are non-corrosive and breathable. 

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Ayana Cotton Textile
  • Client Brief
  • Even though the company has been operating during the hard times of global COVID19 and the war afterward, however gaining a competitive advantage in the local market was not an easy task. One of Ayana’s main objectives was to rebrand itself as a brand, acquire a distinctly differentiated positioning in the market that would give an opportunity to represent their products at a new, professional level.

  • Challenges
  • For the first, our goal was to introduce an eye-catching brand identity that will have a creative association with their products’ comfort, softness, and high quality. We also had to come up with a name that would be meaningful and easily recognized. After long-lasting brainstorming sessions, we chose “Ayana” as the name of the company, connecting it with the beauty and softness of the products Ayana offers.

Ayana Cotton TextileAyana Cotton TextileAyana Cotton TextileAyana Cotton Textile

The design solution

Clouds, sheep, and pin. At first sight, they have nothing in common. But in the eyes of DF’s team, there were many surreptitious connections between them. Inspired by product quality and softness, we created images of a small cotton-furred sheep and the cloud. Keeping in mind the brand story of Ayana, when a little sheep suddenly noticed the resemblance between him and the cloud, our team came up with a creative rebranding. The pin symbolizes the universe, and the cloud in it - Ayana, as the softest and most comfortable cloud in the endless diversity of nowadays, like the universe. We decided to build the color palette of the brand on soft, but meanwhile quite bold and vivid colors to transmit the soothing tenderness of Ayana.