AllClean is a platform through which the user can find and order any type of cleaning service, choosing from all the offers in the market. The platform is designed for both individuals and businesses. AllClean allows you to compare all offers and choose the best one based on ratings and price filters.

  • Client Brief
  • AllClean was a newly entering company in the market during the times of the global COVID19. So, their aim was to be swiftly positioned in the market and have the full opportunity to offer its services to the client at the rightest time. They wanted to have a customized brand identity with visual representations of the platform.

  • Challenges
  • DF was challenged to create a full-stack branding for AllClean. One of the challenges was to come up with a design that would be easily recognized and accepted by the market. At the time, the cleaning service industries were mushrooming at a quick pace due to the growing market need.


Design Solution

As AllClean was a platform for cleaning services and the first link with the cleanliness was water, we used water drop as the gist of the branding identity and subsequently turquoise, white, and black as the brand colors. Moreover, we incorporated into the logo the brand’s A and C letters. So, in the end, we got a water drop made from these two letters and the all-embracing association with cleanliness.