Have you ever wanted to exchange some of the stuff that you own? 

However none of your friends had what you needed and there was no one else to ask? So, you were left with one choice; to go and spend more money to buy what you need. Well, apparently our friends at Barterier also faced that problem and they decided to act upon it. 

We were presented with the idea of a platform that was meant to serve as an online barter transaction market for Armenian and Russian markets. At first, it sounds like a pretty crazy idea but we all know that DF team is all about crazy stuff. Thus we started our new branding journey. 


  • ClientBarterier
  • IndustryOnline Platform
  • ServicesProduct Exchange
  • Client Brief
  • This time the client’s request was to be positioned properly in both, Armenian and Russian markets. They wanted the brand to have a steady and stable place for a long term operation.

  • Challenges
  • Since an online exchange platform is not a very common concept our biggest challenge was to deliver the idea as simply as possible. The uniqueness of the idea meant that there was very little that we could achieve through research. Thus we could only use our creativity and come up with new solutions. The concepts that we were creating also had to be implementable and easily adaptable, which means we needed to use them for the website itself. 


Design Solution

As a result of a crazy brainstorming session, our team created a new dog breed: barterier. It is obviously very symbolic because we were dealing with barter transactions. Furthermore, we named our dog bart and started the process of cooperation between the dog and the human. Through that cooperation, they were bartering different goods using the concept of the platform Barterier.