Be Boogie

Be Boogie

Be Boogie is an organic shop that presents various types of healthy and organic food and ingredients. The company’s mission is to preach a healthy lifestyle and provide its customers with useful information about healthy living via blogs and recipes. Be Boogie forms the community that follows and enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

  • ClientBE BOOGIE
  • IndustryORGANIC SHOP
  • ServicesBRANDING
Be Boogie
  • Client Brief
  • Be Boogie’s main challenge was to create a branding that would fully convey the idea and philosophy behind the brand. The client wanted to have a light, lively, and “healthy” brand which would at the same time be very young and trendy. One of the main requirements was not to include the standard green color which is always associated with organic food and health.

  • Challenges
  • Since people have bad associations related to organic food and think that it is not tasty, we had a crucial challenge to create a logo that would not include green but other bright, friendly, and unique colors which would transfer warm emotions. Meanwhile, the logo should be in the minimalistic style and would attract the youngsters.

Be BoogieBe BoogieBe BoogieBe BoogieBe BoogieBe BoogieBe BoogieBe Boogie

Design Solution

As a final result, our team has created a logo which in the center has two B letters that come from the brand name - Be Boogie. The cycle around the letters symbolizes the lifestyle which includes not only healthy and organic food but also healthy physical and mental conditions. As required, the colors were chosen to convey the brand’s emotions and prove that healthy food can be very tasty.