GM's Burger Bar

GM's Burger Bar

GM’s is a burger bar located in Yerevan, Armenia. The company provides its customers with fast food both in their place as well as organizes delivery service up to midnight. The menu includes different types of burgers, sandwiches, rolls, wraps, salads even with seafood, and dessert.

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GM's Burger Bar
  • Client Brief
  • The client had an essential objective to rebrand the business since the previous branding wasn’t going well with the main functions of the company. The aim of rebranding was to exactly match the new brand and identity with the business’ activity. Additionally, the client wanted to create a differentiated brand that would be impressive, memorable, and stick out in the market among the numerous players.

  • Challenges
  • As described in the Client’s Brief section we had the main challenge to create a differentiated branding that would be bold and stand out in the minds of existing and potential customers. Also, it was quite an important task to incorporate the new brand image with the interior of the burger bar.

GM's Burger BarGM's Burger BarGM's Burger BarGM's Burger BarGM's Burger Bar

Design Solution

Being inspired by the monkey in the interior of the GM’s Burger Bar, our team has involved this hero in the branding as the main character. By the way, this monkey is a symbol of success for GM’s Burger Bar. Very bold and attractive colors were chosen to distinguish the company from its competitors and break the standard color pallets of the industry.