Hash is a cosmetic and care shop operating in Armenia. The backbone idea is designated to present natural and organic products for skin and body care and to introduce them to the emerging market in Armenia. The company cooperates both with the native producers as well as with the companies abroad. 

  • ClientHASH
  • IndustryCosmetic Store
  • ServicesBRANDING
  • Website
  • Client Brief
  • The Armenian market for cosmetic and skincare brands was rather small. However, intending to make an appearance with an individualistic and differentiated design, Hash strived to have a strong and stable positioning in the market and to comply with the international standards. The company wanted to have such a branding design and identity that would be associated with its main concept of being organic and natural products shop. Thus, the notion would encompass cleanliness, freshness, and beauty.

  • Challenges
  • Even though the market was not too saturated to cope with differentiation issues, Digital Factory and Hash aspired to build a well-made identity within their cooperation. Our challenge was to understand thoroughly the client’s desire and conform to their vision and objectives.

    We aimed to visualize the idea of nature adding some feminine accent and freshness to make the powerful first impression. The logo and colors would be in a calmer mood but with dramatic stress on specific colors.



Design Solution

After long and meticulous studies, we came up with a strong branding design that was able to cover all the necessary aspects. The branding was realized in pastel shades, with the flowery and etheric mood in each and every detail. Spiritual accents were made on lightness and naturalism. As the products were mainly for women’s consumption, an illustrated woman was designed as an integral part. The stone engraved logo visualized the hand of a woman holding a flower through the air. The air symbolizes gentleness and the flowers speak about the nature and organicity of the store’s products.