Ice Or

Ice Or

Yerevanian summers are filled with ice cream and outdoor musical events, swimming pools and festivals, and year 2019's events were bigger and more spectacular than ever before. Musical and performing artists such as TWINS PROJECTS were on the line-ups at IceOr events in Yerevan. ICEor's main key was “more than ice”, which pretty much summed up this event.  In addition to the musical performance, attendees were treated to extreme pleasure and party community spirit.

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Ice Or
  • Client Brief

    The main topic of the event was supposed to be "the ice" as the treatment of Yerevanian hot summer days. Thus, everything was planned to be in the "ice-y style": the stage, DJ's instruments, and even the tickets in order not only to create the ice-y atmosphere but also to give the guests a mild breeze feeling during hot weather. So, the client's main request was to transfer the user that feeling of freshness and pleasant coldness. 

  • Challenges

    When creating IceOr's branding the key challenges were to attract the young audience, party lovers and to develop trust among them and fight off competition from existing event companies. The client was in need of a strong branding concept and quick results in terms of timing. It was aiming at having a catchy name that will fully illustrate the event's main goal and mission by also summarizing it up with cool, attractive visual aspects. 

Ice OrIce OrIce Or

Design Solution

We conducted naming research and analysis, came up with a bunch of versions, and in the end picked ICEor as the mix of ICE and or(meaning "day" in Armenian). Thus, the name indicated that the guests were going to have an "ice-y day". As per design solutions, we chose to use several blue colors to show the freshness and also the white tint in the logotype to accent the ice. The final result of the logo and tickets you can watch yourselves and feel the nice coolness on your own!