It's a village

It's a village

“IT's a village” project is an online shop of IT products of ARMATH engineering lab students from villages and small communities. It՛s a mediator between the market and the manufacturing labs. Their mission is to engage children in real business processes from an early age and to grow future businessmen whose business models will be flexible in space and time.

  • IndustryONLINE SHOP
  • ServicesBRANDING
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It's a village
  • Client Brief
  • The company’s long-term goal is to boost the technological mind of the kids, to gain considerable profits, and to meet the market demands. The main advantages of their services are the children's integration, creation of customized products, and the approval and support of the people.
    They want “It’s a Village” to be associated with the idea of the countryside, IT industry and children.

  • Challenges
  • DF was challenged to create a strong and diverse logo design and brand identity for the company. The main competitors in the field were laser engraving companies and other accessories shops.

It's a villageIt's a villageIt's a villageIt's a village

Design Solution

In the end, Digital Factory came up with 3 options of logo design, of which one final version was chosen. The logos were sketch-alike illustrational pictures embracing the 3 foremost concepts of “It’s a Village”: kids, IT, and village. In the end, 3 elements were rooted in the rebranding including a detail of the village and kids holding computers, iPads, etc. Furthermore, the design incorporated 3 main colors: green as a hint for the village, blue for IT, and orange for the kids.