Kartel is an importing company that primarily focuses on the import of car care products. The company currently represents 14 brands in Armenia and is mainly targeting people of medium to high income. Kartel guarantees high-quality and comfort of its products.


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  • Client Brief
  • When Kartel entered the market, the car care products market in Armenia was not much developed and had nearly no prominent and well-branded importer or producer. 

    One of Kartel’s main objectives was to rebrand itself as a luxury brand that would speak up about the high quality of their imported products. The target segment were men, who owned a car and would afford to buy high-end car care products.

  • Challenges
  • The goal of ours was to introduce a brand identity that would catch the eye from first sight and would have a name easily read and remembered. The aim was to create an impression of lavishness and safety when looking and relating to the brand.


Design Solution

Subsequently, the brand Kartel was designed and created by the DF team. The name Kartel was chosen as a mix of the word “cartel” and the names of the founding brothers Karen and Arthur. The shield and the crown were chosen as the modernized symbols of power and safety. As for brand identity colors, we have picked gold and black as a sigil of quality and richness. The main typeface for KARTEL was chosen to be “Brooklyn” and a bold font that would represent the style of the company.