Branding For Mao Ze Duck

Branding For Mao Ze Duck

Mao Ze Duck is an Asian Fusion restaurant offering its guests world class culinary experience of Silk Road’s famous countries' cuisines. It is one of the “Bluedoor” group restaurants which has also established Wine Republic, Thaiwine Republic and Asador.

  • ClientMao Ze Duck
  • IndustryBar & Restaurant
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Branding For Mao Ze Duck
  • Client Brief
  • One of the main requirements of the client was to include the Silk Road concept in the branding. The logo and identity should also be able to illustrate the culture of Aisian cuisine.

  • Challenges
  • Based on the brand story we had a main challenge to create a branding which will fully illustrate the idea and concept of Silk Road. Moreover, having already three successful restaurant projects by the “Bluedoor” group, the fourth one shouldn’t concede those three.

Branding For Mao Ze DuckBranding For Mao Ze DuckBranding For Mao Ze DuckBranding For Mao Ze DuckBranding For Mao Ze Duck

Design Solution

As a result, we had a delicious branding for Asian Fusion kitchen in Armenia. Based on the brand story, the Silk Road illustration was created as the main design pattern for Mao Zeduck identity as well as the Duck passing that journey. Thus, Mao Ze Duck branding evolves the idea of Silk Road and its unique traditions.