Mollete Pastry

Mollete Pastry

Mollete is a pastry located in Yerevan, Armenia. It is specialized in delicious cake production and sales. Even though the company has been operating in the local market for 5 years, the poor branding made it difficult to gain a competitive advantage and create a high level of brand loyalty.

  • ClientMollete
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Mollete Pastry
  • Client Brief
  • The primary objective of the founder of Mollete was to refresh the brand and acquire a distinctly differentiated positioning in the market. The company provides a personalised approach to its customers by designing cakes in accordance to their preferences.

    The pastry stands out among its competitors with the delicate taste of its cakes. Even more, the company pays high attention to the design of the cakes, as each of them seems to be a unique piece of art. The clue of such an approach lies in the professional staff of pâtissiers. As the founder of Mollete claims, their pâtissiers are not only masters of their work, but they are qualified painters as well. Such a combination of professional characteristics of staff members provides the company with a distinct competitive advantage in the market. 

  • Challenges
  • As the pastry market is very stuffed in Armenia, our team had the greatest challenge of creating a clearly differentiated branding for Mollete. In addition, we built the brand identity of the company on its distinguishing characteristics such as the customized approach to cake designs, professional staff, etc. 

    Furthermore, we also had to come up with a name for the brand as the previous naming was very simple and sounded quite common. After long-lasting brainstorming sessions, we chose the Spanish “Mollete” as the name of the company.

Mollete PastryMollete PastryMollete PastryMollete PastryMollete PastryMollete Pastry

Design Solution

Taking into consideration all the challenges we had, our team came up with a calm meanwhile vivid branding. We decided to incorporate both the unique approach to cake designs and the professionalism of the staff into the branding idea. That is why we came up with graphical representations of women. Even more, to stress the uniqueness of cake designs we replaced the hair of those women with cakes. In fact, our team members associated the brand's products with deliciousness and delicacy, and that is why we decided to build the color palette of the brand on soft, but meanwhile quite bold and vivid colors.