National Agenda Party

National Agenda Party

The National Agenda is a newly formed political party.

The mission of the political party is to provide the security of Armenia and Armenians, their full vitality and up-to-date development under the current global challenges and opportunities.

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National Agenda Party
  • Client Brief
  • The party wanted to present itself with a new spirit while remaining true to its conservative principles and vision. In addition, since the political sphere is very well-known for its verbal branding, and very little attention is paid to its visual branding, and from the very beginning. So, they wanted to enter the field with intelligent visual branding.

  • Challenges
  • The main challenge was to create branding that reflects the party's core principles of virtue, creativity and development, freedom and responsibility, justice and equal opportunities, security, cultural transformation, and a modern and effective state. Having in mind the points mentioned above, it was necessary to single out a few characters that would complement the basic principles of the party.

National Agenda PartyNational Agenda PartyNational Agenda PartyNational Agenda PartyNational Agenda PartyNational Agenda Party

Design Solution

The mission and vision of the party and the principles became the inspiration for the whole visual style.

The logo looks like a shield, symbolizing the idea of being invulnerable. Elements of the logo are Mount Ararat, which symbolizes the homeland, and the eagle represents power.