Partner Travel Branding

Partner Travel Branding

Partner Travel Armenia’s philosophy lies on "three pillars", which are the great desire to introduce our country, spread its culture, history, and way of life to the rest of the world. The company organizes various tours and excursions to the most popular parts as well as hidden gems of Armenia and Artsakh. Moreover, Partner Travel has also set a priority to thrive in tourism in both countries with an individual approach, thus making the traveling experience more inclusive and out of the ordinary.

Partner Travel Branding
  • Client Brief
  • The mission was to come up with a comprehensive branding idea and website design. As Partner Travel Armenia was an inbound tour agency, the goal was to conform to our activities with the local market characteristics. And as they had adopted the model of customized service approach, the ambition was to build a complementing individualistic branding and design.

  • Challenges
  • The tourism and hospitality market in Armenia was rather wide with many competitors in the inbound field. The company was a new emerging one, so their goal was to have a distinct and engaging launch. 

    The idea of the branding would revolve around the sense of a strongly bound partnership, as well as a symbolistic reference to Armenia as the key value. Thus, our objective was to create a solid brand identity with an accent on its main features.

Partner Travel BrandingPartner Travel BrandingPartner Travel Branding

Design Solution

The logo itself was created to have both minimalistic and simplistic approach, but also be rather compound. At first glance, you can see the wild sheep, Armenian mouflon as the main symbol. It is considered as a unique and noble animal, which can be spotted only in Armenia. Thus, Armenian mouflons have been used in our design to underscore the brand’s mission. In the middle of the animal, we have pointed a styled pen, which symbolizes the notion of well-built partnership and intelligence.