"Poqratar" is an Armenian popular educational game for children aged 3+. It is aimed to teach small kids the Armenian letters, more specifically reading and writing. As there was a wide variety of similar activities in the market, the bottom line here was creating such branding components for the game, which will appeal to children greatly and stay in their minds for a long time.

  • ClientPoqratar
  • IndustryTable Games
  • Website
  • Client Brief
  • As the objective of the game producers was developing a game targeting small children, they have requested to have lots of colors on the packaging. They also wanted to see child-friendly visuals on the game cards, which could be recognized by kids effortlessly. In order to engage children in the learning process from an early age, the game design was expected to be fun, attractive, and educative.

  • Challenges
  • While researching the industry, we have found out a number of local and international competitors targeting the same demographics. Thus, our objective here was to implement such branding strategies, which would immediately grab the attention of children at the shop and make them desire playing, at the same time would motivate parents to purchase the product. 


Design Solution

In order to integrate "Poqratar" immediately into the market and position strongly in the minds' of the consumer, we have decided to concentrate on one specific color where other components including pictures, letters could be matched tunefully. All the visuals for packaging and game cards were selected carefully in order to be perceived and remembered smoothly by small kids.