Rugasco is a leading company specialized in sales, recharge and distribution of Norwegian gas cylinders. The company is based in Russia. Among the customers of the company are numerous businesses from the HoReCa sector, individuals and companies from different industries.

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  • Client Brief
  • The company provides its customers with a full pack of service, as it not only sells high quality Norwegian gas cylinders, but it also offers recharge and distribution of the latter. The main objective of the company was to differentiate itself among the numerous competitors in the Russian market.

  • Challenges
  • As the gas market has always been bound with the stereotypical branding solutions, one of the biggest challenges for us was to come up with a branding that would not break "the rules" of the industry and meanwhile help to differentiate Rugasco. Even more, the new branding of the company needed to be simple, yet eye-catching.


Design Solution

By analyzing the issues the company had and the positioning it wanted to acquire in the market, our team came up with a color palette not specific to the industry. Truly, our team chose not to use the light blue color specific to the gas industry as it was not only too stereotypical, but it would also limit the number and type of solutions we could come up with.

Eventually, our team developed Rugasco's branding by choosing red and yellow colors as the main colors of the brand. We used the red color as a symbol of gas cylinders. In fact, the combination of red and yellow conveys Rugasco's innovativeness and helps to strengthen its position in the market.