You probably have that one store where you go and you know that they certainly have what you need. Well, Skosh was about to become one of those kinds of stores and we needed to make sure everybody knows about it. 
When we first met with the Skosh team and discussed their vision we realized that even though we’re going to work with something as mainstream as shoes there is a great chance to create an attractive and unique brand. 


  • ClientSKOSH
  • Website
  • Client brief
  • Right from the beginning, our client had a clear mission for us: successful positioning in a congested market. Knowing the industry, our team immediately recognized that this is the first and one of the most important steps to have a long-lasting brand with loyal and committed customers.

  • Challenges
  • On top of having the challenge to create an entirely new brand from scratch we also needed to consider the fact that Skosh was going to be located at a brand new big mall which at the time also didn’t have a complete positioning in the market. 

    In terms of design, we were looking for something fresh, simple yet catchy and memorable.


Design Solution

The main detail that we have focused on while creating the design was the letter K and we tried to mix it with the idea of Marlyn Monroe's leg position in her famous photo from 1954. As a result, we got the very symbolic letter K which stands out in the name of the brand Skosh, as well as the dormant idea of giving the customers a chance to have legs like Marilyn Moroe if they wear Skosh shoes.