Slice Pizza

Slice Pizza

Slice Pizza is a pizza restaurant located in Yerevan, Armenia. The company provides its customers with a wide variety of pizzas, as well as other types of fast food including sandwiches, salads, etc. Slice Pizza specializes in delivery by aiming to decrease the time period pizzaholics have to wait to taste their favorite slice.

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Slice Pizza
  • Client Brief
  • The primary objective of the company was to differentiate itself by entering the market with its unique "Slice” pizza. In fact, none of the pizzerias present in the current market offers this kind of a pizza. The unique feature of it is the topping which consists of fried chicken slices, mozzarella, oregano, barbeque sauce and jalapeños. The request was to convey this uniqueness with the branding. Further, the customer wanted to have a differentiated brand identity and easy to remember graphical solutions.

  • Challenges
  • As the market of pizzerias is highly congested in Armenia, our team had the biggest challenge of creating such a branding that would convey the uniqueness of the company. Moreover, the high number of competitors present in the market complicated our task even more.

Slice PizzaSlice Pizza

Design Solution

By analyzing the problems the company had and the possible solutions our team could offer, we came up with a graphical representation of the hands trying to catch a slice of pizza in the air. In fact, such a design solution helped us to convey customers’ impatience for getting their pizza delivered. Moreover, our team built the company's color palette on bright colors such as yellow, green, red, blue and purple. Such a bright color palette conveys the enthusiastic and advanterous spirit of the brand.