TS Construction

TS Construction

TS Construction provides high-quality concrete production and supply services. The company is located in Armenia and quickly supplies the products with its own cars. TS Construction uses only modern and the best equipment as well as controls the quality of concrete by daily quality inspections carried out in its own laboratory. All these guarantee the highest quality of their products and services.

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TS Construction
  • Client Brief
  • TS Construction has approached our team with the request to create their branding. The main aim was to develop such branding and identity that would differentiate the company in the market full of competition. The client wanted to have a branding that would convey the seriousness of the company yet would show its modern approach, high-quality production, and services.

  • Challenges
  • As described in our client’s brief, our team had an essential challenge to illustrate the manufacturer’s reliability and the best quality. We had to create such a branding that would stand out in the market and in the streets of Armenia while their cars would transport the company’s production.

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Design Solution

As a final result, we came up with a rhinoceros character as a “hero” for TS Construction. Strength, will, durability, and knowledge, that’s the associations one may think of while looking at the rhinoceros. These were the important emotions that were included in our client’s requirements. Black and yellow were chosen as the main colors: black conveys the idea of the company’s strength and reliability while yellow shows its modern and innovative approach to the work.