WiMedia is an advertising platform allowing people to have free WiFi access in public areas. 

It provides various advertising services in Armenia and today it is covering the biggest wi-fi hotspots in public areas. The company is focused on digital advertising which includes wi-fi and web advertising marketing services making your ads more effective and flexible. In some of the places, WiMedia provides the free internet itself, thus creating new opportunities for people.

  • ClientWIMEDIA
  • IndustryTelecommunications
  • ServicesBRANDING
  • Websitewimedia.am
  • Client Brief
  • Being relatively a newcomer to the market, it was first and foremost to become recognizable to the general public, to be remembered to them, and to motivate them to take advantage of the free wi-fi and/or place ads on the WiMedia platform. Besides, the request was to create such representative branding which would be understandable for both audiences: personal users and B2B businesses.

    We had to create a unique brand identity and make publications that would help increase brand awareness.

  • Challenges
  • Our objective was to implement such branding techniques that would be easy to catch and simple while introducing the company to the clients.

    We decided to develop a precise style that would produce publications on social platforms that, while remembered by the audience, would help increase brand awareness and at the same time provide page engagement. 

    The next step, with the right targeting, was to reach the desired audience by providing the exact branding techniques which will further accelerate the business growth.


Design Solution

On social platforms, the page was brought to a proper state, after which discussions began on visuals representation. It was decided to create WiMedia's logo with radioactive waves which would be associated with the meaning of transfer and connection. The waves reflected the combination of letters W and M. The main colors were mostly bright and innovative. The final brand identity was decided upon the notion of a serious, representative and playful look. The illustrations that came from brand identity were always distinguished by their solutions. As a result, WiMedia was briefly positioned in the market and attracted a large number of loyal users.