Another successful project was launched in Armenia, a new entertainment venue that lacked much to vibrant and active moods of Tsakhkadzor, “the City of Flowers”.

“Yasaman” restaurant is founded with this attitude, along with its attractive and warm atmosphere, with the necessary comforts fit to round year, and of course, with its unique cuisine in which the traditions of hospitality inherited from grandfather have been preserved. “Yasaman” is multiplying the warmth of beloved floral city and capture more of its local guests and tourist.

  • ClientYasaman
  • IndustryRestaurants
  • ServicesBRANDING
  • Website
  • Client Brief
  • Yasaman had a problem positioning itself as a luxury restaurant whose services are accessible to middle and upper income earners.

    Also important was the fact that while it represents all dishes typical for Armenian cuisine, it should not be perceived as a regular cafe-restaurant business and attract not only locals but also tourists.

  • Challenges
  • There was a challenge to create such a branding that would differentiate Yasaman from other Tsakhkadzor restaurants, catch the attention of people and at the same time emphasize its luxury class.

    After discussions, it was decided that the branding should be in line with the restaurant's name and Identity was distinguished by floral details - simple but at the same time talkative.

    The logo was supposed to match the floral lightness, not visually exhausting for the viewer, but complete and to keep going with the already chosen Identity.


Design Solution

The logo became the word <<Յասաման>> in the unique script, with emphasis on creating a distinctive and prominent font. This also resolved the issue of not using a separate symbol in the logo, which may break the lightness.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

As a result, lilac and floral branding were produced.