Complex Bar

Complex Bar

Complex-Bar is a specialized store where you can find the world's largest manufacturers of tableware, bar and kitchen equipment, and tableware. 

Complex Bar
  • Client Brief
  • The goal of the brand was to increase brand awareness, reach a new audience, and be equal with other competitors in the market.
    Introducing the assortment of leading manufacturers, it had the task of having distinctive and unique content on social platforms.
    The objective was to get beautiful photos that would not only be nice ones but also would represent the product in order to completely show the tableware and kitchenware of Complex Bar. On the other hand, we had to increase brand awareness toward the brand and reach a new audience. 

  • Challenges
  • In the early stages of social platforms, the page had to be properly restored and updated.
    The next step was to get visuals that would be eye catchy, targeting the right audience and thus increase brand recognition.

Complex BarComplex BarComplex BarComplex BarComplex Bar

Design Solution

Store information was updated on social platforms. Monthly photoshoots/illustrations are being made for the Facebook page. As a result, in a short period of time, the page obtained its own style, reaching a larger audience, and increased store sales.