Precious Gemma

Precious Gemma

Precious Gemma is a jewelry manufacturing company, that has been operating for decades in the US, but they wanted to get a new brand, that would be acceptable, affordable, and more common especially among young people.

Precious Gemma
  • Client Brief
  • Fashion and jewelry are heavily saturated industries, especially in the US market. There is a huge competition, so we set a goal to make a brand, which will differ in its design style with specific elements, that should be minimalistic with deep and eloquent solutions at the same time.

    In front of us, there was another challenge of studying the US market and the American youth to understand their preferences and tastes. Packaging was another challenge too, cause our team was not in the US, so we worked on different, creative versions and gradually came up to the point where we planned. 

  • Challenges
  • Our diligent studies and Precious Gemma’s elegant selections' beauty became the inspiration for the whole visual style. We created a logo with thin lines and letters, that are associated with their product's elegant style. The main branding is completed transmitting the sumptuous, eye-catching style we desire.

Precious GemmaPrecious Gemma