Protto Legal & Business, a distinguished provider of exceptional legal and business advisory services, embarked on a branding endeavor that posed several challenges for our team. As a marketing professional, our team carefully crafted a brand strategy that exuded professionalism, trust, and reliability. Making a logo that not only attracted attention but also exuded a strong sense of trustworthiness and trust was one of the main issues faced during the branding process. 

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Our goal was to create a visual identity that will be memorable to clients, partners, and other stakeholders and convey Protto Legal & Business' steadfast dedication to their clients' needs. Our team chose to use simple black and white pillars as the main component of the logo to meet this challenge.They act as potent visual representations of justice and credibility, the two pillars that support Protto Legal & Business. We intended to create a powerful visual identity that reflects the company's core values and ideals by carefully choosing these components.

The use of pillars, the simple design, and the use of black and white all help to create a logo that projects professionalism and forges close ties with stakeholders and clients. The goal for the digital factory during the branding process was to strike a balance between simplicity, elegance, and visual impact.