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Bramwell Brown is a Britain based mechanimated clock producing company. These clocks are imaginative and contemporary reinventions of classic timepieces. The mechanically animated layers of artwork make them a special gift or a fantastic addition to the home. The workshop is an appealing mix of space-age, dust-free, anti-static wizardry and good old-fashioned handmade dexterity. The team works on a batch at a time - then tests each clock extensively before sending it out. Behind the scenes and outside of the workshop, Bramwell Brown is based in the creative community of Makerversity at Somerset House in London.

Redesign for
  • Client Brief
  • Bramwell Brown’s request was to redesign their website. The old one was an ordinary website with some strict and dull design solutions. As long as the client’s audience includes people with higher income levels, and from the artsy community, they were in need of engaging yet simple looking and user-friendly website with stunning design. The new website would transfer completely new emotions toward the clocks, would inspire the reader and would boost the sales.

  • Challenges
  • The key challenges when redesigning the website were to attract artsy people from the creative community, and those who have good taste and understanding in the field of fine arts, in order to develop trust among them and fight off competition from existing players. Thus, the client’s vulnerable point was unsatisfactory strict feelings from the website. 

Redesign for Bramwellbrown.comRedesign for Bramwellbrown.comRedesign for Bramwellbrown.comRedesign for

Design Solution

As a result, our team provided soft UI/UX solutions of the website in an accurate manner, leveraging design tools and advanced digital technologies. We’ve tried to leave the minimalistic style of the website by concentrating more on the items and clock infographics. Not going far from the client’s brand identity and logotype we gave the website a more powerful and nice feeling with subtle shadows, using as few colors as possible.