Narine is one of the famous eco brands, which supplies ecologically pure products. They have been present in the market for more than 45 years. Even nowadays the big variety of products, amazing choices and affordable prices make the brand Narine superior for every eco lover.  The company provides lactic acid products ensuring the best quality, environmentally friendly raw materials and sustainable traditions. 

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  • Client Brief
  • Since the brand had already established itself in the market for the last 45 years we had a mission to continue growing the company's brand awareness and attract new customers. Besides, Narine wanted to position itself in the eco market not only as a healthful product which is used as a medicine but also as a very tasty type of food. 

  • After its rebranding, our next goal was to come up with digital marketing solutions by staying on the part of loyal auditory. We needed to address Narine's all features and strong sides to its customers in a proper way by using social media channels and other digital marketing techniques. We introduced a new packaging, a new visual representation: a sparrow with fruits, which stressed its lightness and healthiness. We also had the goal to attract a new group of clientele by spotlighting its high quality and affordable prices. We run a digital campaign introducing Narine in a new fresh look through their social media channels.


Design Solution

Catchy content, neutral and light colors, regularly updated informative and creative posts on social media channels made Narine a well-known and distinctive brand among its competitors. High quality, lightness, and tastiness of the product helped us to create the famous bird as the corporate identity of the brand.  Birds symbolize freedom, easiness. That is the feeling after Narine’s products.