Website Design for Wolhok

Website Design for Wolhok

Wolhok is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company supplies both ordinary and innovative healthcare products like face masks and shields, sanitizers, alcogels, gloves etc. Wolhok’s market is not limited in the boundaries of Armenia, the company also exports its products to Russia, Germany, and the USA. All Wolhok products are certified and ensure the best quality, comfort, and safety!

  • ClientWOLHOK
  • IndustryHEALTHCARE
  • ServicesUI/UX
  • WebsiteWOLHOK.COM
Website Design for Wolhok
  • Client Brief
  • Wolhok’s request was to create their website which will introduce the company as well as will show its product assortment, features, and advantages. Our client was in need of such a website that will have a simple yet unique style and design. The one which will be easy to navigate and user-friendly. The website should also have an important feature of separately showing and explaining all their products one by one.


  • Challenges
  • The key challenge when designing Wolhok’s website was to make it as simple as possible. We had to make it very user-friendly to encourage visitors to easily navigate through the website, get acquainted with product types and features, and easily contact the company to make orders.

Website Design for WolhokWebsite Design for WolhokWebsite Design for WolhokWebsite Design for Wolhok

Design Solution

As a result, our team has created a website with simple but interesting UI/UX solutions. Wolhok’s website has an easy structure and a very comfortable interface. As requested by the client, all product types have separate pages and descriptions that make visitors fully learn about each product.