Why Does Mobile Marketing Matter So Much? - Part 2

In the first part of the article we discovered what mobile marketing is, why it is important to have a strong digital marketing strategy and what the types of it are. In fact, Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns are quite a good addition to your mobile marketing strategy. Let's explore what actually Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns are and how those can contribute to your brand success. 


What Are Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns?


On July 24, 2018 Google made an announcement about Enhanced Campaigns for all Google  Ads users. Google announced that it has integrated mobile advertising options with classic online Google Ads advertising. You might think of Google AdWords, and you are right: 


Like Google Ads, Google Enhanced Campaigns allow advertisers to manage their Google Ads bids across various devices in one campaign. If you have formerly used Google Ads, you might agree that users had to prepare separate campaigns for mobile and desktop. The process has become simple enough as you need to take the Google search ads you already use, and after that set bids for adjusting for mobile devices. In order to increase bids for mobile devices, you can set a positive bid adjustment, let's say +20%. To decrease bids for mobile devices you can set a bid adjustment of -10% which will reduce the bid by 10%.

Google benefits of making mobile marketing easy for advertisers as it generates a substantial amount of revenue from mobile ads. It is a win-win situation both for Google Ads users and for Google itself. 

Google's Enhanced Campaigns allows you to manage bids across locations, time and devices without special efforts. It provides you with the opportunity to bid higher for users of mobile devices who are within a certain range of your store, or you may choose to bid for users only at your store's open hours.


What Are Google Mobile Ad extensions?


As you choose to create mobile search ads with Google, it awards you by providing the opportunity to get advantage of mobile ad extensions. Mobile ad extensions are additional pieces of information that contribute to the expansion of your advertisement by making it more useful for your audience. They have the following features:


  • Mobile site links


Mobile site links make it a lot easier for your users to jump to a specific page on your website without wandering around. Truly, site links are much more useful in mobile marketing, as it is convenient for users on mobile devices to navigate between your website pages.


  • Click-to-call mobile ad extensions 


Click-to-call extensions put a "call to action" (CTA) button directly below the ad. For example, as the viewer clicks on the button it generates your business phone number on the users device. 

Although this extension sounds like a great opportunity to drive your customers down the purchase funnel, it might hurt your brand identity in case you fail to answer phone calls regularly. In order to avoid casting a "shadow" on your brand's reputation, make sure to use click-to-call mobile ad extension when you choose a specific person responsible for answering all the calls/ managing all the phone calls.


  • Google Offers for mobile 


You might have thought it would be good if Google allowed you to post a discount offer or a coupon just beneath the ad. You don't have to worry how to realise your wish as Google has already found a solution. By using Google Offers mobile ad extensions you can place a coupon or a discount offer beneath your ad. These kinds of special offers would definitely catch the attention of viewers who might have ignored the ad otherwise. 


  • Click-to-download ad extension


Google's click-to-download ad extension works the same way as click-to-call extension. The only difference in this case is that instead of generating a call number the "download" button takes the users to the download page of your pre-selected app.


  • Local ad extensions


Considering that fact that 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent, Google's Local ad extensions are probably the most important extensions used in mobile marketing. Paying attention to the number of searches for a local solution, being it a local restaurant, medical centre or kindergarten, you need to make mobile marketing one of the key aspects of your digital marketing strategy. These extensions incorporate a link to Google maps showing your brand story's physical location or just a phone number your potential customers can use to get in touch with you.


As you see, Google enhanced campaigns open quite a number of new opportunities for you and your marketing team to market your brand and to increase your customer base. Google offers, click-to-download mobile ad extensions and other features of Google will strengthen your digital marketing strategy and help you improve your positioning. If you want to discover the reasons mobile marketing is considered the leading force in today's marketing world, read our next article by following the link.