Yan is one of the leading manufacturers of juices and preserves in Armenia. Since its founding, it has supported the title of the most dynamically developing company in the field. Due to its high quality, Yan has strong recognition in the local market as well as has successfully entered other markets such as the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS and European countries.

  • ClientYAN
  • IndustryFOOD & BEVERAGES
  • Websitesisnatural.am
  • Client Brief
  • Since the brand was already active in the market, our mission was to provide them with digital marketing services by continually expanding the company's brand awareness in various digital platforms. The client wanted to ground strong social media presence with beautiful and eye-catchy visuals and content as well as interesting marketing campaigns that would boost sales. Besides, as the company had a vast product line (juices, preserves, compotes..), they wanted to have them all equally presented on social media.

  • Challenges
  • One of the main challenges that we had was to maintain Yan’s leading position in the market and continuously develop the brand by showing the products of high quality, naturalness, and broad product lines. The other important challenge was to establish a unique visual content to be easily distinguished in social media.


Design Solution

With the aim to distinguish the brand with exclusive content and to boost sales with the help of various digital marketing activities, we developed special marketing campaigns with short messages about Yan’s production and its naturalness. In order to show the company's wide variety of products, we captured photos and videos with different compositions and atmospheres to share the mood and create desire. The aim was to display Yan as nature's part by adopting its packaging and design to it and by incorporating the very natural colors.