Dive is an extraordinary restaurant that offers a truly unique and unforgettable sensory experience. Throughout the branding process, we had the pleasure of collaborating closely with our client, combining their specific preferences and vision with our creative expertise. The result was a captivating brand identity that perfectly captures the essence of Dive and sets it apart in the culinary world. When conceptualizing the logo for Dive, we wanted to create something truly distinctive and thought-provoking. The ingenious use of blind man alphabet symbols in the logo design was a stroke of brilliance. 

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It represents the absence of light and gives the brand a mysterious allure. In addition to drawing attention, the logo tempts clients to go on an extraordinary culinary adventure. Shadows were essential in developing the Dive brand identity. To emphasize the lack of light in the restaurant's environment, we intentionally added shadows.

Dive's graphic identity's deliberate use of shadowy components results in a mood that is both ethereal and menacing.use of light and shadow heightens the total sensory experience by immersing visitors in a setting that engages both their sense of taste and their imagination.Our work went beyond the logo to a number of other design components, such as the menu, website, and more visual elements. Each element was carefully chosen to complement Dive's broader brand concept.

The restaurant's unique and superb products, for example, are reflected in the menu design, giving customers a taste of what they may expect from the menu.The design of the website was chosen to highlight Dive's specific charm and encourage visitors to fully immerse themselves in the experience. It has been a genuine pleasure to work on the Dive brand. Dive is not only the only business of its kind in Yerevan, but it also boasts an innovative concept. Due to this, the project was made even more exceptional because we got the chance to develop a brand identity for Dive that genuinely sets it apart from the competition.