Metrum Invest is a beloved construction company that has worked on notable projects around Yerevan and other parts of Armenia, such as Tsaghkadzor Park, Antara Inn, and Renet. We are honored to have been selected to manage this prestigious company's branding. Our team has worked diligently to create a sleek, contemporary logo that reflects the strength and elegance of the business. By selecting a sleek and elegant sans-serif typeface, we have effectively captured the essence of modernity and efficiency.

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"The letter 'M,' which stands for the company's desire to scale new heights in construction projects, is at the center of the Metrum Invest logo. The 'M''s design radiates a sleek and contemporary style that is suggestive of a tower that is rising gracefully, demonstrating Metrum Invest's unwavering dedication to architectural excellence and exceeding industry standards. In addition, we have developed a corporate identity that distinguishes Metrum Invest from competing businesses.

We chose black and white colors for their brand because they are a construction company with distinctive and individual styles for each of their structures. Their vibrant creations can stand out thanks to their colors without being overly distracting.

We started the branding process by doing a lot of research and getting to know the target market and brand values of Metrum Invest. The end result is an elegant and alluring corporate identity that establishes Metrum Invest as a pioneer in the building sector. A logo that exudes power, opulence, and adheres to contemporary design principles is the product of our team's painstaking attention to detail and concentration on contemporary appeal.