Yerevan Metropoliten
Rebranding Concept

We are excited to introduce Metro. We took on the challenge of redesigning Yerevan's famous metro logo in an effort to give it a more modern and fresh feel. Our branding team evaluated the components of the logo, identifying both its advantages and disadvantages. This evaluation influenced our choice to start a redesign that would be consistent with Yerevan's developing reputation as a dynamic, young, and forward-thinking city. 

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  • Concept

Our strategy for developing the new logo was founded in a thorough investigation of Yerevan's unique character and identity. We sought to visually encapsulate the essence of the city by submerging ourselves in its character.

The deliberate use of lighter hues for the logo has the dual effects of improving visibility and inspiring a favorable response in the viewer. We aim to develop a visual depiction that resonates with both locals and tourists by incorporating colors that symbolize the city's inventiveness and vibrancy.We skillfully meld heritage with modernity by giving the well-known sign a modern spin.

With Metro, we sought to produce more than just a logo; instead, we created a visual story that embodies Yerevan and its metro system.