Get to know our partner, RaiseR - an all-encompassing HR software powered by VOLO. RaiseR is dedicated to empowering businesses with an enterprise-grade solution that not only addresses the needs of HR departments but also functions as a self-service tool for all company personnel.

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What we did . Naming . Logo redesign . Visual style . Strategy & Positioning . Brand Identity

Our team has put in a great deal of effort to develop a brand identity that reflects the innovative and dynamic mindset of the RaiseR staff. The original design of the logo has been improved to reflect boldness and more accurately reflect the development, stability, and trust that are key to Raiser's product philosophy. The brilliant color scheme, which was carefully selected, represents the power, inventiveness, and flexibility that are key to Raiser's purpose.

The chosen forms go through dynamic changes that cause them to quickly resize and reshape. This represents resilience, agility, and the core of HR transformation that is present in Raiser's products. Maintaining an identity that was both smart and refreshingly simple was our key goal, fitting in well with the product's dedication to making HR departments' lives easier.