Viamina is an expert in creating premium skincare and hair care products with only natural ingredients, so that great results can be achieved with little effort. Their line of products includes oils, scrubs, primers, and creams that are intended to treat different skin issues, including acne, cellulite, and blemishes. Viamina's strategy is focused on using nature's transformational potential to nourish and enhance the skin. The firm has launched a rebranding campaign to more effectively convey the idea that using their natural product choices may help achieve both attractive and healthy skin and hair.

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The objective was to give Viamina a modern, vibrant, and young brand image. Selecting colors that represent the purity and simplicity of Viamina's offerings was an essential step in the rebranding process.


In order to revive the brand's identity and complement the company's innovative approach to body care, haircare, and skincare, our team created a striking color scheme. The goal was to introduce Viamina's new brand design in an engaging way while also showcasing the company's commitment to innovation, health, and purity.


We carefully chose a design and color scheme to convey the spirit of Viamina, which is simplicity, purity, and naturalness. Following the client's instructions, we meticulously selected the colors and design components to elicit the intended emotions connected to the brand, demonstrating the potential for straightforward yet effective solutions.