Say "blue" and give it some thought.
Cool, unwinding, committed, tranquil When creating Karpett's branding, we also included boldness and dedication to definition. For Karpett, we created a logo and brand identity. Furthermore, when viewed horizontally, it is just the carpet. The first business in Armenia to provide expert carpet solutions as a useful carpet rental service is Karpett. Their objective is to assist businesses and organizations in maintaining a spotless, secure, and bug-free environment.

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With a combination of creativity, distinct personality, and cool, collected devotion, our team effectively changed Karpett's brand identity and made it stand out in the marketplace.


With careful branding, we were able to strategically draw in our target market. The logo used calming color schemes, straightforward design components, and a blue line that represented the form and cleanliness of the product. Karpett has become a symbol of the business because of our perseverance.


Check back soon for further details about Karpett's personality and character. The success of strategically planned marketing is exemplified by Karpett's branding journey. With its unique style and unique personality, Karpett offers an amazing brand experience.