ADOR FACTORY specializes in the production of custom ordered entry and interior doors, furniture, wood products as well as outdoor advertising - laser cutting and milling. Thanks to the high-quality products and services combined with the responsible approach, the company has gained the trust of its customers. 

  • ClientADOR
  • ServicesBRANDING
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  • Client brief
  • The primary objective of the client was to be differentiated in the market with branding components, including corporate identity, logo design, as well as digital marketing presence. Thus, the goal was to create a branding design with distinguished and unique features to convey the whole vision of the brand: the trustworthiness and the high quality of the products and all the used materials.  

  • Challenges
  • The key challenge was to correctly find the core design features which would represent the conceptual idea of the door manufacturing company. The brand identity should also help the company to be integrated into the market and be strongly positioned in the minds of their clients. Thus, we came up with a bunch of versions, from which a simple yet representative brand identity was chosen.


Design Solution

As a result, the logo and design incorporated door-like elements with corners and lines portraying the layout of doors and conveying the idea of unity. To emphasize Ador's trustfulness and high-quality methods of production, we created a vivid and memorable visual identity. Each brand component represented the idea of the concrete realm. So, the mission was completed in a way to mirror the client’s values and activities.