Crystal Light

Crystal Light

Crystal Light provides event organizing services. Their main activity is centered in India, from where they bring tourists to Armenia. They organize, events, corporate meetings, concerts, weddings in Armenia and India.

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Crystal Light
  • Client Brief
  • Crystal Light wanted to position itself as a high-end event organizer. They aspired to enter the market with a differentiated identity which will suit their interesting business concept. The company wanted to create a brand that would be easily recognizable internationally and would complement the market.

  • Challenges
  • As the industry in which Crystal Light operated was rather vast, including organizing services connected with India, DF tried to create a branding that would reflect its idea, and would emphasize the notion of clean, impeccable and uncomplicated trip/road.

Crystal LightCrystal LightCrystal LightCrystal Light

Design Solution

As a solution, we created a logo and brand associated with crystals with the aim to reflect the crystal cleanliness of the road/trip you make to have your event. A lighthouse is created from the crystal pieces as a sign of a bright and a refulgent way for the travelers. The main colors are blue and mild rose.