NAME.AM, developed by “Name” LLC, provides high-quality domain registration services. It offers a flexible pricing policy and easy to use management system. The mission of their company is to make domain names more accessible on the Armenian web area, to support the development of Armenian “.am” and “.հայ” domain zones, which in turn will deploy the IT industry in Armenia.

  • ClientNAME.AM
  • ServicesBRANDING
  • Client Brief
  • had applied to various branding companies for an ideal logo and design, however, none had met its expectations. The company approached us with the desire to create a distinguished logo that would reflect the mission and the idea of the website, and thus differentiate them in the market. 

  • Challenges
  • As had been presented to multiple branding concepts and had negatively responded, DF had the goal to do its utmost to perfectly content the client.

    One of the complications was to cover the idea of the internalization of the website, which was mixing the Armenian concepts with the foreign ones. The goal was to build up a brand that would be associated with its global presence and accepted multiculturally.


Design Solution

As was a tech industry company, we used white, blue and black colors to identify the brand. Name is the special word that differs us from others. So, as it was a name picking platform, we used quotation marks as a pointer to names as proper nouns by also stressing the notion of belonging. The whole backbone of the idea underlying the fact that the domains on would be in Latin letters, but the product itself would be of Armenian origin. That is why Armenian(») and Latin(“) quotation marks were put in use.