Wolhok is a manufacturer and distributor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for infection control and safety. The company develops not only ordinary but also innovative healthcare products such as face masks and shields, gloves, sanitizers, and alcogels, etc. which are adapted to the contemporary lifestyle. The aim is to maximize comfort and safety due to improved functionality, and optimal protection.

All Wolhok products are certified and ensure the best quality!

  • ClientWOLHOK
  • IndustryHEALTHCARE
  • ServicesBRANDING
  • WebsiteWOLHOK.COM
  • Client Brief
  • The client approached us with the request to create not only their branding but also to suggest name options for their corporation. The main aim of both naming and branding was to be adaptable in numerous countries like in Armenia, Russia, Germany, and in the USA. The client imagined the name and branding which would transfer serious emotions, would be reliable yet light and easily pronounced.

  • Challenges
  • Our team had the challenge to come up with naming and branding that would fully convey all the emotions that the client requested. Another barrier against our working process was the fact that the branding had to be adaptable in different types of products the company manufacturers starting from nanofiber face masks up to plastic shields and sanitizer bottles.


Design Solution

Eventually, the "Wolhok" name suggestion was confirmed by our client. This is an old surname and is associated with the wolf, the symbol of seriousness and strength. In the branding, we’ve put the Wolhok inside the form to transmit the feeling of being protected. Besides, that form element has an angle showing up which symbolizes the continuous growth and development of the company and its products. Colors - green and white, have been chosen to be associated with medicine, health, and calmness.